NEWS29 July 2009

White House taps Linkedin for business focus group

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US— Networking site Linkedin has been tapped by the White House as a giant focus group to gauge the views of businessmen and women.

Christina Romer (pictured), who chairs President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors (CEA), used the site to solicit feedback on a report on the impact health insurance reform would have on small businesses.

Romer said: “I want to know: ‘What are your experiences with health care as somebody involved in small business, and what are your thoughts and questions on the new CEA report in light of those experiences?’”

Her question attracted more than 1,500 answers in four days, and Romer was due to host a live online video discussion this afternoon on the White House website to address “the most penetrating responses”.

Click here to view Romer’s post on Linkedin.