NEWS6 August 2009

Webtrends releases version 9 of flagship analytics platform

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US— Hot on the heels of its acquisition of Widemile last week, Webtrends has released version 9 of its web analytics platform.

The latest iteration of its flagship product boasts a range of new features including an RSS overlay, which allows users to map data from a public news or blog feed to see what effect that activity has had on key website metrics such as page views, unique visitors or time spent on site.

Another addition to the platform is a feature called Story View, which takes website stats and weaves them into a basic narrative structure that is designed to be shared with others via emails, reports and presentations.

“I am enormously proud of this release,” said Webtrends CEO Alex Yoder (pictured). “It represents a commitment we made to our customers just last April at our Engage conference – we are the most powerful, we are the most open and we will be the most elegant solution in the market.”