NEWS14 August 2012

Webtrends offers free analytics service through iPad app

North America Technology

US— Digital intelligence specialists Webtrends have unveiled a new free app for the iPad. Webtrends Today aims to offer marketers relevant marketing analytics and insights, including trending data from websites, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Once iPad users have had their account credentials for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube they will be opresented with a consolidated view of relevant real time data from those sources.

Marketers can then use the data to measure the engagement of their Facebook communities and individual Facebook pages, Twitter influence, number of followers and retweets and their Klout score. Webtrends has also integrated relevant YouTube data, including total number of views on each YouTube video tracked by the app as well as total channel views.

Webtrends customers will also be able to use the app to access and integrate data from its Analytics 10 platform to compare performance metrics and analytics from digital channels including websites, mobile and social properties.