NEWS29 March 2010

Webcam qual work to double in 2010, says Gongos Research

North America Technology

US— Bulletin boards and chat threads have largely defined online qual to date – but what of webcam-based interviews and focus groups? One company, Gongos Research is forecasting use of the technology to double this year.

Michigan-based Gongos generated nearly $225,000 in revenue with its webcam services last year, a figure it expects will grow to around $450,000 when 2010’s sales are totted up.

Cost-reduction efforts on the clientside are likely to be a key driver of growth in use of the technology, the agency says. “Clients can meet their qualitative needs without the cost and burden associated with travel and logistics,” says Tonya Jiles, senior project director.

But despite the forecast, Gongos says in-person studies will continue to be its primary qualitative research method for some time to come.