NEWS15 March 2011

Web analytics partnerships still on the cards, says ComScore EVP

Data analytics North America

US— ComScore’s purchase of Nedstat and the launch of its new Digital Analytix service does not spell the end of the company’s partnerships with rival web analytics firms, according to executive vice president Wolf Allisat.

ComScore’s arrangement with Omniture, which allows the latter’s web page tags to be used to collect and share visitor behaviour data with ComScore’s Unified Digital Measurement (UDM) system, remains in place while talks continue with two other analytics firms, which Allisat hopes to be able to name soon.

These tie-ups add an overlay of demographic information, sourced via ComScore’s server/panel hybrid measurement system, to the clickstream data produced by web analytics packages.

Digital Analytix, launched yesterday, offers the same capabilities but with the web analytics data component also owned by ComScore, via its acquisition of Nedstat.

But despite the inherent rivalries, Allisat told Research, “Our partnerships will continue. It all comes down to what is most convenient for our customers.”

Making tags from other web analytics packages compatible with the UDM system removes the need for multiple tags to be placed on web pages. “And the less tags placed on a site the better,” said Allisat.