NEWS22 August 2023

Wavemaker China launches product seeding tool with social media platform Xiaohongshu

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CHINA – GroupM media agency Wavemaker has partnered with Chinese social media company Xiaohongshu to develop a tool to inform brands’ content marketing on the platform.

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The ‘Seed’ product seeding tool includes an insight methodology to assess growth opportunities, based on analysis of data points including brand tone of voice and product and audience characteristics.

Brands can use these insights to identify growth opportunities and inform their marketing strategies on the Xiaohongshu platform.

Users of the app can share their lives through photos, text, videos and live streaming.

To date, Wavemaker has used the tool to analyse content preferences, search data and skincare trends to offer insights for a L'Oréal Travel Retail product campaign on the platform.

Yuan Lang, head of Xiaohongshu commercial agency partnerships, said the company’s ‘Human2Human’ community has a large number of users who "frequently communicate their product needs".