NEWS13 October 2010

Want US Census Bureau data? There’s an app for that

North America Technology

US— An iPhone app has been launched by research agency Rincon & Associates which gives access to demographic data collected by the US Census Bureau.

Rincon says its new Populus USA app is aimed at a range of professions who “depend” on demographic information, such as researchers, advertisers, journalists, PR experts, retailers and media buyers and planners.

The $4.99 app holds population and income data for both the country’s total population and four ethnic groups: whites, African Americans, Asians and Hispanics.

Population and income profiles are available at five geographic levels – 51 states, 504 metropolitan/micropolitan areas, 802 counties and 525 cities and places.

Data from the Census Bureau’s 2008 American Consumer Survey is also available, and Rincon said that an updated version of the app with the survey’s 2009 results is also available.

Versions of the app for other smartphone operating systems are expected to follow.