NEWS8 December 2020

Walnut Unlimited hires research consultant

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UK – Market research agency Walnut Unlimited has appointed Ivan Browne as shopper research consultant.


Browne (pictured) will expand the company’s use of behavioural science and neuroscience in its shopper research studies.

Before joining Walnut Unlimited, Browne spent 10 years at Kantar, holding roles such as head of shopper and a consulting partner.

Walnut Unlimited recently exapnded its shopper research toolkit to include behavioural science, neuroscience and analytics. 

The agency’s optimisation studies will now include advanced analytics and omnichannel customer journey and pricing reviews will use behavioural science. Additionally, in-store and signage reviews will offer virtual reality and eye-tracking technology.

Browne will report to Chris Bland, director of Walnut Unlimited, in his new role. Bland said: “Shopper research has always been a staple for brands looking to understand their customer’s path-to-purchase.

“2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, meaning it has never been more important to re-establish a connection with shoppers changing mood and behaviour through a human lens.”