NEWS11 July 2022

Voxpopme launches video survey template

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US – Video survey platform Voxpopme has created a new library of video surveys for qualitative research projects.


Project Templates will allow users to launch a video survey without creating new questions, with the tool instead outlining survey design and structuring video questions.

Voxpopme said that Project Templates would provide video surveys for all types of feedback, categorised by team and type.

Jennifer Mancusi Vogel, chief revenue officer at Voxpopme, said: “We’re so excited to bring templated video surveys to insights, marketing, and product leaders. Video offers an unrivalled understanding of customers when you ask the right questions in the right order.

“With Project Templates, qualitative research becomes easy to execute even when you don’t have time to create surveys from scratch. As a result, you can get in-depth answers in minutes and easily repeat surveys so you can compare concept, creative, product or advertising feedback anytime.”