NEWS5 May 2011

VOD ad research project attracts four new members

Features North America

US— ABC, NBCU, CTAM and Intel have signed up to the Advanced Advertising Media Project (AAMP), a research initiative which examines the impact of advertising within free video-on-demand (VOD) programming.

The project is led by the American Association of Advertising Agencies ( 4As) and TV advertising technology firm BlackArrow and now has 14 members following its launch in March.

Angie Britt, VP of advanced products at cable TV marketing organisation CTAM, said: “Free VOD is a key distribution channel for cable companies and programmers, and is also right in step with the shift in consumers’ viewing habits toward watching what they want, when they want. By working with the AAMP partners, we hope to provide our members with the data they need to unlock the potential of free VOD as a revenue source.”

Other partners in the project include A&E Television Networks, CBS, Comcast, Digitas, Discovery Communications, Horizon Media and Rainbow Media.