NEWS16 March 2011

4As, BlackArrow and TV industry launch VOD research

North America

US— The American Association of Advertising Agencies ( 4As), TV advertising technology firm BlackArrow and a host of media industry stakeholders have joined together to research the impact of advertising within free video-on-demand (VOD) programming.

The Advanced Advertising Media Project (AAMP) will test, analyse and compare consumer perceptions and responses to VOD advertising versus its traditional TV counterpart.

Phase one of the project involved in-depth interviews with 20 media industry “thought leaders” to gain a baseline understanding of how the industry perceives VOD advertising and the opportunities it presents.

From there, a research lab will be created for the second stage. The lab will seek to “explore and validate consumers’ experiences” when engaging with advertising in simulated VOD and linear TV environments.

The project’s final stage will be an in-market trial, where data produced in the lab will be used as a basis for comparison in a real-world consumer trial.

Mike Donahue, president of the 4As, said: “As consumer viewing trends evolve, agencies are seeking clarification on how best to integrate numerous TV viewing platforms into their media buys and optimise value for advertisers. By working together with industry leaders on the AAMP initiative, we will be able to gather and analyse data that supports research-based, strategic decisions around advanced VOD advertising.”

Media companies taking part in the project include A&E Television Networks, CBS, Comcast, Digitas, Discovery Communications, Horizon Media, NDS and Rainbow Media.