NEWS23 November 2015

Vision One launches packaging testing tool

News Technology UK

UK — Vision One has launched PackProbe, a packaging testing system designed to evaluate pack designs by testing rational and emotional reactions to different design components.

The range of tests includes simulating purchasing decisions using a virtual 2D/ 3D shopping display where respondents can interact with products (pictured), and peripheral vision testing that evaluates pack designs in a blurred state.

“For the first time we can now test and understand the role that peripheral vision plays in product recognition and apply that knowledge to packaging design,” said Duncan Swan, a director at Vision One.

“While our peripheral vision is out of focus and somewhat blurred, it is vital to our survival. For millions of years, our peripheral vision has been there to help us detect movement and impending threats out of the corner of our eye. Applying this to a retail situation, we use our peripheral vision to help us identify products and packs that we should look at before we have consciously noticed them.”