NEWS9 July 2010

Vision Critical unveils ReactionPlus audience testing tool

North America Technology

US— Vision Critical has launched an online service to test audience reaction moment by moment to audio and video content.

The ReactionPlus tool uses a combination of online surveys and interactive software to capture feedback.

Respondents are able to input their reactions while they are watching or listening to the content, to see how feelings shift at various stages.

Once a respondent has finished the test, a summary evaluation is produced followed by automatically generated reports that allow users to compare the results of their content against similar pieces, provide visual moment-by-moment results (see screenshot) and give a Net Promoter Score to see if the content has the potential to go viral.

Vision Critical said that the new tool “offers the insight of a focus group without the cost or time delay”.

Product innovations president Jason Smith said: “It is hard to manage audience testing cost effectively and with clear enough insights to make the big decisions quickly. Where did the audience get confused? What was the most amusing and why? Were they bored, engaged or annoyed at that point or this point? Our clients wanted those answers, quickly and inexpensively, and from thousands of people across different parts of the world.”