NEWS10 April 2012

Visible merges with Cymfony; WPP ups stake

M&A North America

US— WPP-backed social media monitoring firm Visible Technologies has acquired and merged with rival Cymfony, which was previously owned by another part of the WPP empire.

Cymfony was sold by Kantar Media, having been brought into the WPP fold with the acquisition of its owner TNS in 2008.

WPP previously owned 24% of Visible. Now, through the Cymfony deal, it owns 49% of the merged company. Visible’s management and venture capital backers retain voting control.

Cymfony president Richard Pasewark (pictured) becomes CEO of Visible, with the company doubling in size as a result of the merger.

Forrester analyst Zach Hoder-Shall said the deal was “a smart move” for both companies, with Visible bringing a stronger tool set then Cymfony, married to Cymfony’s broader international reach.

“Combining Visible’s dashboard with the support of Cymfony’s services and international strength should create a powerful union,” he said.