NEWS24 October 2012

Visible Measures opens Centre of Excellence for Cross Media Impact

Features North America

US— Online video measurement firm Visible Measures has opened the Centre of Excellence (COE) for Cross Media Impact, a new research centre reporting the business impact of choice-based video campaigns run in concert with mainstream advertising.

The COE’s first piece of research, released today, examines the effects of pre-spot socialisation and major TV advertising events. Visible Measures says it has “developed unique methods” to help brands understand how TV and branded digital content combine to change brand perception.

Seraj Bharwani (pictured), chief analytics officer at Visible Measures, said: “Gaining cross-media and cross-screen insights is top-of-mind for brands and agencies as they all want to know how to best use traditional media in conjunction with all things digital and social. The Visible Measures COE for Cross Media Impact will help brands and agencies better leverage TV and online video advertising campaigns with choice-based media, such as branded content to drive greater consumer engagement and ROI.”