NEWS19 February 2010

Visible Measures develops Trends app for online videos

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US— After five years in business, Visible Measures has amassed a host of data on the performance of online video campaigns – some of which it is now making available through a web-based benchmarking application called Trends.

The company is pitching the app at advertisers who want to see what types of videos work well in their category, or to compare the performance of their campaigns against historical norms.

Campaigns in the Trends database number in the “hundreds”, according to a company statement – each accompanied by a range of effectiveness metrics, including total online viewership, comments, placements and demographic summaries.

Brian Shin, chief executive, said: “With Trends, organisations can better understand the effectiveness of their online video advertising campaigns and compare their performance against historical norms, competitors in their industry, and against campaigns targeting similar demographic audiences.”

Visible Measures is venture-backed to the tune of $30m. It uses a plug-in installed in internet video players to track user interaction with online video streams, from how long it is watched, to which sections are most replayed. This data is then combined with third-party sources such as geographic and demographic overlays, to give more colour to the raw behavioural information.


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