NEWS14 October 2015

Viewing now split equally across digital and TV

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GLOBAL — A new report from Millward Brown reveals that multiscreen users spend the same amount of time viewing video on TV as they do on digital platforms.

This finding is based on responses from around 13,500 consumers aged 16-45 across 42 countries. In the UK, this point has yet to be reached: TV viewing still accounts for 62% of total video exposure.

Total video viewing time in the UK among consumers with access to a TV, smartphone and/ or tablet was 212 minutes per day, compared with a global average of 204 minutes.

Looking at what works for brand messages, consumer receptivity to digital video ads is much lower ( 19% favourability globally;18% in the UK) than for live TV ads ( 29% favourability globally; 27% in the UK).

Consumers are also more sceptical about advertising featuring on on-demand TV platforms than they are about those on live TV. Just 20% of UK respondents are favourable to ads during on-demand shows, although this is significantly higher than the European average of 14%.  

“It is now possible to reach consumers at scale through multiple video channels, but simply applying the same thinking to each will make consumers skip or switch off,” said Amanda Phillips, head of marketing at Millward Brown UK.

“Consumers expect content to be bespoke to the context in which they watch it and receptivity to ads that fail to take this into account is extremely low. The learnings from AdReaction Video provide a clear roadmap that will help marketers build effective media plans and creative approaches that target the right people in the right context with the right content.” 

Full findings can be accessed here.