NEWS1 September 2014

Viewers ‘driven back to linear TV’ by social media

News UK

UK — Compelling content and social conversations are driving a resurgence in linear TV, according to research from Carat.

Over one third ( 35%) of people are now actively planning their evenings around the TV schedule – 5 million more than four years ago – according to a survey of 11,000 British consumers by media agency Carat via CCS, its consumer research and insight tool.

This behaviour is apparently being fuelled by social media use and the “viewers’ enjoyment of discussing the latest appointment-to-view TV shows, such as Breaking Bad, while the show is airing – not in the week afterwards”.

Other findings include that 57% of people are second screening in some way while watching linear TV, and that 33% are commenting on Facebook or Twitter about what they’re watching during the show. 20% of people say that their friends and family have had a big influence on their TV viewing, compared with 5% in 2010.

“TV on Command is all about the reinvention of the water cooler moment – the ‘real time water cooler moment’,” said Steven Ballinger, head of media investment, Amplifi @ Carat. “The mix of appointment to view programming and social media means that people are moving from passive to active viewing.

“This drives huge opportunities for advertisers. It turns their advertising from a monologue to a dialogue. Using second screen apps such as AdSync or Shazam, which allows the user to access more content, creates more dwell time for consumers with the brand. It also helps to drive the consumer closer to the point of purchase.”