NEWS14 February 2013

Videology deal to bring VisualDNA’s image-based surveys to European mainland

Data analytics Europe

UK — Digital advertising platform Videology has reached an agreement with internet user profiling firm VisualDNA to roll out the latter’s technology in France, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

The two companies have worked together in the UK since 2011. VisualDNA has built an image-based survey system that gauges respondents’ feelings according to which pictures they select from a grid. It then uses this information to sort people into specific consumer segments, which Videology uses to support its ad targeting efforts.

According to Videology: “Consumer audience targeting data is much less accessible in continental Europe than it is in the UK and US, so VisualDNA’s data will help Videology’s clients understand more about consumers, their purchase intent and demographics and, importantly, the emotive and lifestyle factors that influence all stages of the buying process”.

Pictured is VisualDNA founder and CEO Alex Willcock.