NEWS24 October 2014

Videology integrates Nielsen data into platform

News UK

UK — Video advertising platform Videology has announced it will incorporate Nielsen UK TV data, including the TV segments built from Barb TV panel data, into its platform.


The integration with Videology’s TV Amplifier suite will fuse Nielsen’s NetView panel, which measures online audience behaviour by demographic, to Barb’s TV panel, providing a data connection between TV consumption and online viewing behaviours.

The company said cross-screen planning, buying, delivery and measurement will be possible as advertisers and media companies can link between TV and online video consumption and better target and optimise campaigns.

Rhys McLachlan, head of global TV strategies at Videology said: “Offering clients the ability to effectively forecast, plan and deliver online video campaigns, optimised in real-time and against TV-viewing data, is an milestone in the establishment of online video as a legitimate channel on communication plans.”

This follows an agreement secured earlier in the year in the US for Videology to integrate Nielsen data into its TV Amplifier product suite.

Matt Dodd, Nielsen senior vice-president for research & analytics in Europe, said: “The UK is experiencing significant growth in the online video sector and consumers are increasingly viewing video content on various devices. As data continues to be the lifeblood for measuring audiences, especially for TV and video content, our extended collaboration with Videology means that, together, we’re able to help clients derive the most value from both our data sets.”