NEWS5 June 2023

VideoAmp teams up with TransUnion’s markting unit to offer marketers “holistic” view of customer journey

Media News

US – Advertising measurement and planning business VideoAmp has teamed up with the marketing busienss of credit reporting giant Transunion to offer an analytics tool which they say will offer marketers a “holistic” understanding of the customer journey.


The two firms say the tool will mean that marketers will now have more accurate visibility into the effectiveness of their linear television advertising by integrating VideoAmp’s TV viewership dataset with TransUnion’s marketing analytics and attribution solution. 

The tool allows marketers to measure the impact of their campaigns across TV and digital channels.

It allows them to connect their media placements to purchase behaviour, and use these media effectiveness insights to optimise media and creative placements, budget allocation, and audience targets. 

These measurement outputs are fed into VideoAmp’s platform to help boost media plans, allowing marketers to enhance their campaigns for improved effectiveness. 

“The integration between VideoAmp and TransUnion provides me and my team with a holistic understanding of Papa Johns consumers and the best ways to reach them, said Chris Hawk, director, media strategy & investment performance, Papa Johns.

“Having access to VideoAmp’s data feeds not only bolsters our model, but we get a richer understanding of how our media is impacting the entire consumer journey. That ensures we don’t over or under-credit certain channels and that we make the smartest decisions possible with our media spend,” 

The VideoAmp platform generates tactical recommendations for media plans to achieve specific marketing goals throughout the campaign lifecycle, such as driving conversions or increasing brand awareness. 

These recommendations are algorithmically generated and based on measurement data, providing an automated way to enhance campaigns for maximum effectiveness. 

VideoAmp’s advertising platform consolidates existing services and fragmented software tools into a single offering. 

TransUnion says its suite of TruAudience marketing solutions generates data-driven marketing and measurement with a suite of identity resolution, data enrichment, audience targeting, and advanced measurement solutions.  

“The integration of VideoAmp linear data into our suite of powerful marketing attribution and investment optimisation solutions will help marketers measure and improve the incremental impact of this incredibly important channel,” said Michael Schoen, EVP of Marketing Solutions at TransUnion. 

"This integration will provide marketers with a holistic view of their advertising performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimizations that drive better outcomes that connect directly into their media plans,” said Michael Parkes, president, VideoAmp.