NEWS15 September 2016

VideoAmp in European expansion

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GERMANY – The total video platform VideoAmp has opened its EU headquarters in Amsterdam to meet growing European demand.

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RTL Nederland is the launch partner of its Automated Audiences, designed to be used by digital and TV broadcasters and video publishers who are distributing to viewers across many platforms.

The platform gives a centralised user interface that works in conjunction with a broadcaster’s primary ad server and supply side platform (SSP), allowing audience-based campaigns to be automatically delivered.

Jay Prasad, chief business officer, VideoAmp said: “We are excited to launch Automated Audiences, our first product aimed at the programmatic ad operations of multi- screen broadcasters. Markets such as the Netherlands and France have very high levels of viewership in catch-up TV environments, as such both agencies and programmers have been very forward thinking in implementing new software to capture value and give consumers more choice.”

VideoAmp is also rolling out its cross screen video and Advanced TV (ATV) software in the Netherlands, France, and the UK.

Its global headquarters are in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago. It is backed by European TV giant RTL Group and six other top venture capital firms.