NEWS30 November 2017

Verve launches online qual pop-up community

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UK – Community panel specialist Verve has established global online qual pop-up communities for faster research.

Verve Global Pop Up Communities are available in more than 40 markets. They are local language moderated and include video so head office staff can hear and see the customer comments first hand, but understand it in English.

To date, Verve has used the approach for qual and immersion applications such as usage & attitude studies, product testing, concept testing, co-creation, comms development, creative testing, customer journey mapping along with broader trends and lifestyle exploration.

Andrew Cooper, founder and CEO, said: “I love the way that with smartphones, video and a whole host of highly interactive agile approaches we can bring the voice, and the face, of customers globally into our stakeholders’ lives.

“Not only are there speed and cost benefits of online qual but stakeholders can actively participate in the virtual environment which just isn’t practicable in the physical world.”