NEWS27 January 2017

Verto Analytics releases Smart Poll

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Measurement company Verto Analytics has launched Smart Poll, a tool to combine survey research and passive cross-device consumer behaviour measurement.

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The survey data is correlated with digital behavioural data collected through the Verto Smart Panel, an opt-in panel of global consumers which can compare what consumers do with what they say.

Smart Poll has already been deployed and beta tested with brands including Breath UK, Universal Music, and YuMe among others and is now available to Verto’s US and UK customers.

Verto data shows that US consumers unlock their devices 50 times per day and use at least two different apps simultaneously – so it’s not surprising most consumers can't recall exact details about their behaviour. The company introduced Smart Poll to reveal exactly how and why consumers are spending time online, regardless of where the interactions are occurring.

Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics, said: "Whether you're a brand, retailer or an app publisher, nothing is more critical than understanding exactly when, why and how your target consumers engage with your products and services and those of your competitors."

"That understanding comes through analysing the cross-device behaviour, demographics, intent, lifestyle and values of your target audience."