NEWS16 November 2017

Velocity partners with Beeswax on motion-based ad targeting

Innovations Media News North America

US – Motion-based analytics company Velocity has joined forces with programmatic platform Beeswax, to integrate its Active Impression metrics into Beeswax’s programmatic ad platform.

Mobile phone in hand_crop

Velocity uses sensor data processing techniques on motion sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) to determine mobile phone user’s motion, which identifies what activity they are doing.

The company says that with machine learning and AI to study a person’s unique physical, human motion signature, Active Impression can gauge ad receptivity based on how a person holds and moves their mobile device. It can also be sure that the viewer is not a bot.

This motion-based insight gives greater contextual and precision targeting for programmatic advertising on Beeswax’s Bidder-as-a-Service platform.

Ishan Bhaumik, founder and head of business development at Velocity, said: “Motion-based targeting represents the next generation of accuracy and effectiveness in mobile programmatic advertising, complementing but also going beyond the limits of GPS/location data.

“Dozens of top-tier national advertisers have used this level of contextual targeting to automatically find the right moment-in-time to target, reaching consumers at their highest levels of receptivity.”