NEWS15 June 2015

Users spend 37 hours per month on favourite apps

News North America

US — While monthly app usage in the US has remained steady over the last two years, the amount of time users spend on their favourite apps has risen to 37 hours per month, according to research.


A study from Nielsen, based on the behaviour of 5,000 participants, showed that the average smartphone user spent 37 hours and 28 minutes using their apps each month in Q4 2014, an increase of 63% from 23 hours and 2 minutes in Q4 2012.

Entertainment, which includes weather reports and e-books, was the most popular category: users spend 13 hours and 20 minutes per month on these apps over the quarter. This is an increase of 26% from Q4 2013.

The number of apps accessed each month has remained relatively steady at 26.7. While this number was slightly higher for men than women ( 27.2 apps compared with 26.3 ), women spent an average of 38 hours and 2 minutes on their apps, while men spent 36 hours and 51 minutes on theirs.

Full findings can be accessed here.