NEWS26 October 2011

USamp looks to play SurveyMonkey at its own game

North America Technology

US— Online sample provider uSamp has launched a free SurveyBuilder tool that allows users to create and distribute surveys among their friends and contacts.

Paid-for, targeted sample is available through uSamp’s own panel, but users can otherwise distribute links to their surveys free of charge via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or by emailing their contacts.

SurveyBuilder also includes a free real-time analysis capability and the company sets no limits on the number of surveys or responses that can be authored or reported.

It’s clear uSamp is looking to compete aggressively with other free survey software tools, the best known of which is SurveyMonkey which limits the number of per-survey questions and responses a user can get before they have to pay a monthly fee.

USamp president and co-founder Gregg Lavin said: “Most online survey tools charge monthly service fees for use of their platform. Due to uSamp’s network of high-quality and targeted survey respondents, we simply don’t need to charge users for authoring surveys, publishing those surveys to their own websites, social networking sites, or wherever they engage their own audience.”