NEWS11 April 2012

Price cut for uSamp’s SurveyBuilder sample

North America

US— uSamp has cut the baseline per-respondent price for sample bought through its DIY SurveyBuilder platform following Google’s launch of its Consumer Surveys tool.

Prices have come down 70%, meaning the cost per finish for a one-to-three question survey is now $1.50. Google, meanwhile, charges $0.10 per response per question, or $0.50 for its demographic targeting capabilities while SurveyMonkey prices its targeted sample service at $3 per finished response.

uSamp said it brought in the lower price “based on recent feedback from the SurveyBuilder customer base”.

General manager Justin Wheeler said the intention was to “open the doors to a new set of small and medium-sized businesses who might not have tried online market research”.

uSamp launched SurveyBuilder in October last year. Google, meanwhile, launched its survey offering in March.


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12 years ago

Thanks Brian. Just to clarify, Google's $.50 per response for demographic targeting is actually $.50 per question. 3 questions with basic demo targeting is $1.50 per survey completed on Google. Google $.10 pricing includes no targeting. SurveyBuilder demo and geo targeting us far more sophisticated than Google today.

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