NEWS13 September 2016

Unruly launches two emotional intelligence tools

Innovations News UK

UK — Video ad tech company Unruly has launched two new products designed to bring emotional intelligence to digital advertising. 


The company has partnered with Nielsen, emotional analytics firm Affectiva and music data analysis company Moodagent on Unruly EQ, a new content testing tool that aims to help advertisers to maximise the emotional, social and business impact of their video content. It uses a combination of biometric, neurological, emotional and audio testing methods to evaluate, improve and predict the emotional impact and brand effectiveness of their video ads.

Unruly has also, in collaboration with Ohio’s Kent State University, launched a series of new private marketplaces (PMPs) to allow marketers to match their ads with the mood of their audiences. 

“By launching Unruly EQ for testing content and Emotional PMPs for distribution, Unruly brings end-to-end emotional intelligence to digital advertising," said Sarah Wood, CEO of Unruly.

"Programmatic advertising needs to evolve if brands want to make a meaningful connection with consumers –  that’s why emotional intelligence is just as important for distribution as it is for content creation. With Emotional PMPs, advertisers can get in sync in with the mood of their viewers and massively increase viewer engagement.”

More information can be accessed here