NEWS13 June 2013

Unilever expands its involvement with eYeka

Asia Pacific New business

SINGAPORE — Unilever has increased its interaction with eYeka to tap into the co-creation community’s creative and crowdsourcing platform.

Having already worked on a number of Unilever brands, the new deal covers markets across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Russia and South Africa, and eYeka’s online community of 250,000 creators is expected to accelerate the creation of more relevant marketing and communication campaigns.

CEO at eYeka François Pétavy said: “The Unilever and eYeka partnership is a world-first because of its strategic nature, scope and size. This is a strong signal that confirms that crowdsourcing is being recognised as a business accelerator. We have long advocated turning to consumers for ideas and content with consumers as a source of competitive advantage so we are thrilled to partner with Unilever to bring this approach to a new scale.”