NEWS10 February 2010

UKOM releases first data from online audience planning system


UK— The first data from the UK’s industry-backed online audience measurement and planning system was released today, with the BBC coming out on top with the highest concentration of ABC1 social grade visitors, followed by Wikipedia and Amazon.

The research is commissioned by UKOM, the UK Online Measurement Company, and data is produced by Nielsen, which has tweaked its existing audience measurement system to meet the specification laid down by Jicims – the Joint Industry Committee for Internet Measurement Systems, which was the precursor to UKOM.

Data from the UKOM Audience Planning System (APS) is based on a panel of at least 35,000 consumers whose internet activity is tracked at home and at work. Audience data will be available for sites with a minimum of 50,000 unique visitors.

UKOM chairman Douglas McArthur said: “Today’s release of January 2010 data is a truly significant milestone for the online advertising industry in delivering comparable audience measurement data to other, established media channels. This first data represents an immediate improvement in the knowledge and confidence around online advertising for advertisers, agencies and media owners alike.”


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14 years ago

Progress since feb very dissapointing...nothing delivered.

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