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NEWS3 July 2015

UK customers feel unloved by big retailers

News UK

UK — 62% of UK consumers feel that big retailers aren’t interested in the customer and only care about making money, according to a new study.

The study of over 2,000 UK adults, carried out by FreshMinds, sought to paint a picture of what the high street will look like in 2025.

It revealed that 63% of consumers believe the high street has lost its appeal: 46% blame big brands for ‘ruining’ the high street; while 62% believe big retailers aren’t interested in the customer and only care about making money.

The research also revealed that millennials want the high street to “play a different role” in the future. According to the findings, 29% of millennials have used delivery lockers and 27% have paid for items using a mobile phone while in store.

“Our research suggests a strong desire for change on the British high street, particularly amongst millennials who will be the key target audience for retailers in 2025,” said FreshMinds CEO Caroline Plumb. “Whilst we are far from seeing the end of big brands on the British high street, it’s clear that large retailers can’t stand still anymore, they will have to adapt and respond to change.

“Big brands that are able to meet millennials’ needs by collaborating with local communities and smaller retailers or delivering truly unique and engaging in-store experiences for example, will be well placed to regain a position of strength on the high street.”