NEWS4 June 2009

UK cord-cutters to overtake landliners

Features UK

UK— The rising number of cellphone-only households is often flagged as a major issue for US researchers – but what about their counterparts in the UK? A new ‘thought piece’ from Ipsos Mori pegs the number of mobile-only homes in the UK at 12%, citing figures from last year’s National Readership Survey.

This puts the country some way behind the US, where the most recent estimate is that one in five US homes have cut the cord.

However, similar to the situation in America, there is a higher incidence of mobile-only ownership in households with young people aged 15-24, students and those in social grade DE.

“This presents a significant problem when conducting a telephone study that is intended to be representative of the population,” says Ipsos Mori. “While weighting of the results may correct for some of these biases, differences in other variables such as household tenure or length of time living at the current address are much more difficult to control.”

The agency predicts that this year the percentage of mobile-only households will exceed that of landline-only homes for the first time.