NEWS26 June 2009

UK body examines US in-game ad guidelines

Technology UK

UK— The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has formed a council to evaluate the suitability of the in-game measurement standards developed by its US counterpart for the UK market.

The Game Advertising Council takes its lead from the game committee set up by the US IAB last year, which published draft measurement guidelines for in-game advertising earlier this week.

One of its first objectives will be to evaluate these guidelines. The bureau aims to enlist publishers, technology providers and experts from agencies to form the council, which will also produce educational materials, events and industry research.

Jack Wallington, coordinator of the council, said: “The US gaming industry is thriving, and we’re seeing some strong parallels over here in the UK. With the US gaining universal agreement on their in-game measurement standard, this is just the ticket for advertisers to make even more of game advertising and something we hope to replicate in the UK.”