NEWS23 July 2014

Two thirds of young UK app users turned off by ads

News UK

UK — 67% of British 16-24 year old app users find in-app ads annoying, according to new research from Voxburner.

Nearly one third of them ( 28%) actively turn off push notifications every time they download an app, the survey of 1,000 Uk students aged 16-24 also revealed.

The survey reported that 73% of respondents kept a core number of up to ten apps that are used each week; 53% have more than 30 apps downloaded and 4% have more than 100.

“The number of apps young people keep on their phone indicate that there’s no space for those that aren’t providing fun or utility,” the report said.

“Annoy them with excessive push notifications or intrusive ads and you’ll feel the full impact of the ‘uninstall’ button.”