NEWS2 April 2024

Two senior appointments at Qualtrics

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US – Experience management company Qualtrics has appointed Juan Rodriguez as chief information officer and Assaf Keren as chief security officer.

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Rodriguez will lead the team focused on building and running critical systems in the business.

Before taking up his new role at Qualtrics, Rodriguez was chief information officer at Cloudflare and executive vice-president for product operations at Sage.

Keren’s new role at Qualtrics will involve leading a team to strengthen product security, maintain regulation compliance worldwide and partner with security teams across Qualtrics’ client organisations.

Most recently, Keren was chief information security officer at PayPal.

Brad Anderson, president of product, user experience, engineering and ecosystem at Qualtrics, said: “When it comes to driving growth, reducing costs and lifting productivity in today’s AI world, data is the greatest differentiator any organisation has.

“Juan and Assaf each bring long track records of success and impact, and their experience and expertise is a huge asset and competitive advantage for our customers, partners and employees.”