NEWS22 May 2024

Lakeside and Qualtrics to work together on EX

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UK/US – Experience management company Qualtrics has partnered with IT data intelligence company Lakeside Software on employee experience technology.

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The partnership will see the two firms share their quantitative and qualitative data analysis technologies to help organisations to understand their employees’ digital experience with technology.

The key initiatives of this partnership include a unified employee experience health score to track company performance, proactive IT alerts notifying companies of technology issues, and prioritised surveys to identify tools that could help improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Scott Thompson, chief partner officer at Qualtrics, said: “Qualtrics aims to help organisations quickly identify and resolve points of friction across all human and digital touchpoints.

“Technology plays a critical role in employee experience, and Lakeside’s comprehensive digital employee experience data makes it easy to see and address those frustrations and improve the overall digital experience for employees.”

Dave Keil, chief executive officer at Lakeside Software, added: “This strategic partnership between Lakeside and Qualtrics represents a major step forward in unlocking the full potential of employee experience management.

“By combining our unparalleled endpoint data collection and analysis with Qualtrics’ industry-leading sentiment insights, we can empower organisations to make data-backed decisions, optimise employee experiences and ultimately drive better business outcomes.”