NEWS16 January 2013

Twitter unveils Oscars Index to track awards buzz

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US — Twitter has launched a new Twitter Oscars Index that will track buzz on the site connected to the Oscars. The index will measure and rank conversation about the Academy Awards every day over the next six weeks up to the ceremony on February 24, in Los Angeles.

In a blog post, Twitter’s head of TV Fred Graver, explained: “The Twitter Oscars Index reflects the ebb and flow of the movie-related conversations throughout the awards season, showing how positively fans are commenting on nominees relative to each other on Twitter.”

The move comes after over 4 million tweets were posted on Sunday about the Golden Globes awards ceremony. The new Index will intend to reflect the sentiment of tweets about nominees in the six biggest categories of the night: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director ans has been backed by the Oscar organisers, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences.

The index will also compare nominees against each other to see who is gaining the most positive sentiment. Analytics firm Topsy has partnered with Twitter to create the index.