NEWS9 September 2011

TV Genius uses GfK data to hone on-demand TV platform

Technology UK

UK— TV Genius, which makes technology for video-on-demand services, has teamed up with GfK Media to help TV operators deliver targeted content and recommendations.

GfK’s TV audience data will be integrated into the TV Genius Content Discovery Platform, which builds personalised TV listings and recommendations for viewers.

TV Genius general manager Tom Weiss said: “We understand that the way in which viewers watch television, their likes and dislikes, and their habits vary in different countries and cultures. As a result of the combination between our platform and GfK Media’s market-specific data, operators no longer need to second guess their consumers – they can understand their exact needs and desires.”

Nick North of GfK Media added: “By combining data about the audience with the relevance of the TV Genius platform, operators are now able to bring highly targeted content and recommendations to their consumers while avoiding any potential privacy issues.”

TV Genius is owned by media management firm Red Bee Media.