NEWS19 November 2015

TV dominates young people’s media

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GLOBAL — The media choice for the millennial generation remains centred around the TV despite the popularity of video services such as YouTube and Netflix.


In the UK, 16- to 34-year-olds watch 2 hours 23 minutes of linear TV, this compares with 2 hours 33 mins in the US. The highest of the countries reported was Canada on 2 hours 43 mins and the lowest was Belgium on 1 hour 29 mins.

The data was collected across 14 countries and although each measures and reports consumption in a different way, the stats collated by PEPPTV, the Platform for European Promotion of TV, give an insight into media viewing trends.

TV content typically account for up to three quarters of millennials’ video consumption: in Germany 74% is TV and 26% online video; in France TV is 70% and in the UK it’s 65%.

In the US, 18- to 34-year-olds spend more time online with ad-supported TV brands than with Google, AOL, MSN and Yahoo! combined or with Facebook. On average, they spend 39 minutes a month watching TV online compared with 25 minutes with Google/AOL/MSN/Yahoo! and 23 minutes with Facebook.

The data also shows that millennials are more favourable toward TV ads than other forms. In the UK 54% enjoy TV ads, compared with 16% for social media. In Italy, 65.7% said they pay attention to TV advertising.