NEWS19 February 2016

TV best for influencing voters

Media News North America

US — A study conducted following the Kentucky gubernatorial election revealed TV to be the most important medium for issue awareness and voting influence. 

Vote crop

The study found that 70% of respondents rated TV as the most important medium for issue awareness, and 51% said it was the most important medium in terms of influencing them to vote. 

This is especially true for millennials, who are more influenced by political advertising on TV than other platform. This includes social media (which TV outperformed 6 to 1 ). 

The study was conducted by GfK on behalf of the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB).  

“As the presidential contests move into the critical March primaries, the campaigns should remember that TV advertising remains the top influencer of voter behaviour, impacting not only awareness of the candidates but voters’ final decisions as well," said TVB president Steve Lanzano.

"This research reinforces the fact that local broadcast TV is a vital component in winning elections.”