NEWS6 October 2016

Trust in government sees steep decline post Brexit

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UK — The net trust index in the British government has decreased from -11 to -21 since the vote to leave the EU, according to research from GRBN, Opinium and Dapresy. 

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The survey of UK adults addressed the impact the Brexit vote has had on a number of issues relating to trust. 

It was found that, as well as the decline in the net trust index, the proportion of people having a very low level of trust in the British government increased from 25% to 31%. 

Those who voted to leave the EU reportedly had a much higher distrust in the British government, with a net trust index of -25, compared with -15 among remain voters. 

It was also found that 10% of those surveyed said the vote had decreased the likelihood of them making home purchases in the next year, with the largest decline seen among those who voted to remain in the EU ( 15%). 

“This survey shows that trust in many types of institutions, including government, the police and secret services, has decreased dramatically in the UK post-Brexit," said Andrew Cannon, GRBN executive director.

"This sharp decline in trust needs to be taken very seriously by those in power within these institutions.”

More information on the research can be found here