NEWS16 September 2010

TRA to add Experian automotive data to media ROI analytics platform

Data analytics North America

US— TRA has expanded its long-running partnership with Experian Marketing Services to add automotive sales data to its media ROI measurement platform, Media TRAnalytics.

The latest version of the product incorporates information from Experian’s Auto Market Statistics data set which, when matched with television set-top box data, can be used to investigate how exposure to TV advertisingaffects car auto sales.

Experian has supplied anonymous demographic data to TRA since its launch two years ago and under the terms of the expanded partnership that data will be “enhanced” to include customised categories for products and services such as cinema-going, quick service restaurant patronage, wireless carrier usage and financial services.

Media TRAnalytics already matches TV data from 1.5m households with consumer purchase data from 54m homes to investigate the influence of advertising on shopping decisions. The company is headed by CEO Mark Lieberman (pictured).