NEWS23 June 2010

TRA licences Media Trust IP to extend ROI analytics services

New business North America

US— TRA has licensed intellectual property from the Media Trust partnership to add new measurements of advertising ROI to its Media TRAnalytics system which matches ad exposure to actual purchase behaviour.

The exclusive licence agreement extends TRA’s data outputs through the Media Impact and Brand Family services. The former quantifies the incremental sales lift potential of the media environment, on top of the sales lift generated by the marketing creative, while the latter looks at the relationship between various campaigns within a parent brand to determine which creative is driving sales for each sub-brand and how they all combine to impact the parent brand.

Media Trust’s IP is the brainchild of its partners, including single-source data analysis experts Colin McDonald and Leslie Wood, and Bill Moult and Jim Spaeth of Sequent Partners.

TRA is headed by CEO Mark Lieberman (pictured) and backed by Intel, WPP and Arbitron.