NEWS2 June 2011

Toluna upgrades DIY survey tool with free option

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UK— Toluna has launched a new version of its DIY tool QuickSurveys, allowing users to create surveys for free and distribute them via email or social networks.

The first version of QuickSurveys was launched in 2008, but was limited to five questions and required users to recruit respondents from Toluna’s own panel.

The new release is free if users find their own respondents by sharing surveys through email, Twitter, Facebook or through websites.

Alternatively they can choose to pay according to the number of completions they want from Toluna’s global panel of four million respondents. On a 12-month agreement, prices start at £14.99 per month to ask one question of 100 respondents. A one-off payment option is also available. Surveys run on Toluna’s panel can include up to 15 questions, while those distributed on other channels can contain more.

QuickSurveys 2.0 also boasts an improved interface, including the ability to ask open-ended questions, and more advanced reporting features.

Mark Simon, head of Toluna’s global technology practice, said: “QuickSurveys 2.0 has been on our minds since we launched the original QuickSurveys on our platform way back in December 2008… We always knew our customers just wanted to ask a handful of questions themselves, get fast answers from the marketplace, have easy to read results… and to not pay a fortune for the privilege. We also knew there was a big demand from businesses and individuals who had never previously used market research – because it has traditionally been too expensive, complicated or slow.

“We’ve really worked hard to make the creation of QuickSurveys a fun and easy experience.”

Users of QuickSurveys include Sony Music and British Airways, Toluna said.