NEWS10 October 2019

Toluna launches entertainment practice

Leisure & Arts Media News North America

US – Consumer intelligence platform Toluna has established a dedicated media and entertainment division to support media and gaming clients.


The practice has been launched as Toluna adds to its partnerships with major motion picture and gaming companies, mass media conglomerates and live event promoters.

It has been set up and led by senior vice-president, Patricia Chapin-Bayley, who said: "Entertainment industry professionals need to understand how consumers are reacting to services and available content in real-time while predicting which trends will next emerge."

Nick Langeveld, managing director of Toluna North America, added: "The rise of streaming platforms presents a whole new challenge for the entertainment industry. Consumers are engaged with content but it’s hard to know the true audience reach.

"Insights on demand, specialist panels and behavioural data can bridge the gap and provide new confidence in knowing how to invest marketing budgets."