NEWS29 June 2023

Toluna adds MaxDiff to consumer insights platform

CX New business News North America

US – Insights technology and panel provider Toluna has launched automated MaxDiff features on its Toluna Start consumer insights platform.

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Toluna said it has added four MaxDiff tools to Toluna Start, including MaxDiff Claims, which helps identify the most and least believable product or service claims to capture attention with credible messaging.

Other tools added to the platform include MaxDiff Varieties, which identifies preferences for varieties, flavours or features for a product, and MaxDiff Names, which helps identify potentially successful names for items.

MaxDiff Taglines has also been added to the platform, to help create taglines for advertising.

The automation of MaxDiff within the Toluna Start platform is done through trade-off exercises containing up to 40 different items, with absolute difference scoring and colour-coded summary tables to provide rankings among consumers.

Frédéric-Charles Petit, chief executive at Toluna, said: “The addition of automated MaxDiff solutions on the Toluna Start platform will provide our clients with another method to obtain quick, clear answers to their business questions across new product development, communications testing and market understanding.”

Phil Ahad, chief digital officer at Toluna, said: “Our automated MaxDiff solutions provide users with actionable insights by identifying clear winners and losers when it comes to names, taglines, claims and varieties – and they’re able to do it through a trusted platform with unrivalled speed, flexibility and ease of use.”