NEWS29 January 2010

TNS man Paul Vittles goes it alone in Australia

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AUSTRALIA— Paul Vittles, TNS Australia’s director and executive coach, has left the firm and launched The Vittles Organisation, a coaching, training and motivational speaking business.

The new firm is, Vittles says, “dedicated to helping people and organisations to understand and achieve their potential.” It offers coaching, training, motivational speaking and workshop facilitation. Vittles will also continue to offer his services as a conference speaker.

He told Research: “I have been wanting to launch a new kind of business for some years and have been planning this since July last year. Having just got dual Aussie-British citizenship, I now have complete freedom to support research firms in Australia and the UK. So, now is the time to go for it.

“I get a real buzz out of working with small and mid-sized firms, coaching the leaders of the business, facilitating the process of creating inspiring shared visions for the business, helping the whole team to learn and grow together. This new business could be transformational for research firms and the industry as a whole.”

Vittles moved to Australia in 2005, having previously led the UK social research agency RBA Research (which went out of business in 2006 ). His first role Down Under was as director of client service for ACNielsen’s social and government research division. He took up the position of director and executive coach within TNS’s social research team in 2007.


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