NEWS6 August 2009

TNS launches sports passion measurement service in Asia

Asia Pacific

HONG KONG— TNS has launched a syndicated report to cover the sporting and entertainment passions of people in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dubbed the PassionIndex 2009, the research sets out to identify what is ‘hot’ in the region and allow marketers to make direct comparisons across sponsorship properties. It is part of the firm’s SponsorMap range of sponsorship evaluation products and is already up and running in 18 other countries.

Mathew Densten, associate director at TNS Hong Kong, said: “Marketers are looking at ways of identifying which sporting and entertainment properties are capturing the hearts of Asia’s consumers. The PassionIndex 2009 report assists them identify which sponsorship vehicles are the best match to any particular brand’s target market.”

He said that the success of sporting events such as the recent Singapore Grand Prix and the popularity of international football clubs were signs of increased appetite for sports and entertainment in the region.