NEWS13 October 2009

SponsorMap launches experiential marketing testing tool

North America

US— Sports sponsorship measurement agency SponsorMap has launched a new service to measure the impact of brand-owned experiential marketing events on consumers.

Called SponsorMap Experiential, the tool uses word-of-mouth measurements, as well as methodology developed for the SponsorMap event sponsorship product, to look into how consumers are effected by events organised by brands.

SponsorMap director Nicholas Cameron said: “Advertising is rapidly losing its effectiveness as consumers have learned to tune out the bombardment of ads in everyday life, so more and more firms are turning to experiential market to catch the attention of the sophisticated consumer.”

Cameron first launched the SponsorMap product in 2005, when he ran Starfish Research & Strategy in Australia, before launching it as a standalone company. The product has since been licensed to TNS in the Asia Pacific region.


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15 years ago

This could be a great tool. Measuring word of mouth would appear to be an elusive goal, but certainly worth the effort. I'll look forward to seeing more about this potentially breakthrough tool.

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